Take out and Dine in. 

Delivery when staff is available. Free Delivery for orders over $25. Limited delivery area.

We are experiencing interruptions in our supply chains which affect availability and prices of certain menu items. Please confirm your price when you place your order.

We are not affiliated with any third party delivery service and cannot guarantee any product quality, delivery service, or completeness of order sold through such parties. Please beware of price markups on third party delivery companies.


Monday 3pm - 9pm

Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday 3pm - 9pm

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Sunday 11am - 9pm

Phone Service

We have updated our phone service. Customers on hold are put into a queue - first come first served - in lieu of a busy signal. We will take your order as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience as we get many calls during peak service times.

Verizon Customers:  Verizon and Comcast have both assured us there are no problems with our phones. However, Verizon customers often times have difficulty getting through. If you are a Verizon customer and you are receiving "A NON WORKING NUMBER" recording, there is a problem with the Verizon network. Please try calling us from a local land line or another cellular carrier.

Order Through Us

We are not affiliated with or partnered with any third party food delivery providers and cannot guarantee their quotes of delivery times, food freshness, correct pricing, or completeness of order. Please note that most third party services have 15% to 30% markups on orders placed through them. They may provide different delivery times during peak times and often have inconsistent service. We have no way to correct their mistakes, as your payment is charged through their service. Please contact them if you have any issues with your order.